We offer quality and care in our carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Our services include carpet and upholstery cleaning; deep steam cleaning; shampoo cleaning; and low moisture bonnet cleaning carpets in which your carpet dries within two hours. We offer encapsulation cleaning which dries within 45 minutes making it ideal for offices and commercial buildings. Other services include: upholstery cleaning, area and oriental rug cleaning, carpet deodorizing, pet odor treatment, fabric protection, and flood damage restoration.
We offer GREEN carpet cleaning – 100% soap-free, nontoxic, safe for kids and pets, odor-free, hypo-allergenic, environmentally safe, no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) – $50 per room.


Reasonable rates:

Carpets – $40 per room, recliner – $50, sofa – $80, love seat – $70, and dining chair – $20.

Leather sofa – $180, leather love seat – $165, leather chair – $75.

Hardwood floor cleaning – .50/sq. ft.

Pet Odor Treatment – Basic – $150, Prime – $250.

Tile and grout cleaning – .79/sq. ft. ($150 minimum).

Commercial carpet cleaning – .25/sq. ft.

Special: 3 rooms and a hallway – $100.


What is pet odor treatment?

The prime treatment includes treating the pet contaminated fibers, the carpet backing, carpet pad and floor with a special enzyme that consumes the odor producing bacteria. After a dwelling time of 45 minutes to one hour, we then rinse the treated area several times, pulling all the germs and bacteria out of the carpet. Finally, an antimicrobial disinfectant is applied.


What is a carpet stain?

A carpet stain occurs when a substance comes into contact with carpet fibers and has embedded into open dye sites of the carpet thereby altering the fiber’s appearance. For example, a glass of wine or Kool Aid could leave a stain. Kemet Carpet Cleaners will remove food dye stains by chemically altering their color to make them invisible. We also use the heat transfer method. We will remove most stains.


What is soiling?

Soiling is caused by residue left on the carpet fibers either from cleaning solutions that were not fully removed or from oil or grease on the bottom of your shoes. The residue coats the carpet fibers, and then attracts the dirt to your carpet like a magnet. The buildup of dirt leaves your carpets dirty and heavily soiled. Kemet Carpet Cleaners, with our specially formulated cleaning detergents, will clean and sanitize your carpets.


Kemet Carpet Cleaners strongly recommends fabric protection after all carpet and upholstery cleaning. Fabric protection protects the life of your carpets and upholstery by repelling spots and stains.

  • Shampoo Cleaning

  • Fabric Protection

  • Encapsulation Cleaning

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